Andrew is my cousin. He has classical autism, an impairment which affects his social interactions and communication and includes some restrictive or repetitive behaviors. He lives with my grandparents at their home in Philadelphia, PA along with his mother.

Andrew leads a normal life: he watches television, goes to school, and plays sports with his dad. But because of Andrew’s social disability he is hard to understand and know what is going on in his mind.

This project helps me understand my cousin and how he may feel at times: alone, tucked away, and also how he may see the world around him. Andrew can’t describe to you how he’s feeling, what he’s thinking, or what he loves, but these pictures help to do so.

Andrew at the end of the hallAndrew dressed up in a costumeAndrew watching TVAndrew's Eagles JerseyAndrew behind a translucent doorAndrew standing next to his homeAndrew hold a paper bag up to his headAndrew as a child before being diagnosedAndrew's profileAndrew sitting on his bedMy grandmom is always greatAndrew lying on the floorAndrew in his roomAndrew sitting in a tub



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